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Simple Watermelon Salsa

Watermelon salsa

Switch up you regular pico with a juicy twist! Watermelon has been all the craze this year so why not share one of my favorite salsas: Watermelon style! I originally created this recipe for my Steak and Watermelon tacos but have since used it to add some pop to BBQ Chicken, breakfast items or just…

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Steak & Watermelon Tacos

  *you can use any type of steak for the recipe, I prefer tenderloin or marinated flank steak (seen above).  Print Recipe Steak and Watermelon Tacos Course Main Dish Cuisine Mexican Servings People Ingredients For the Steak 1-2 Pounds Flank Steak2 Tablespoons olive oil2 tsp Chili powder2 Tablespoons lime juiceSalt and Pepper3/4 Cup chopped cilantro…

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Mexi Breakfast Bowl

I never used to eat breakfast until well into my 20’s; Give me a couple cups of a coffee and I was good to go. But after I started focusing more of health and fitness, I realized how important breakfast is and how much better I feel having breakfast each morning. Our typical weekday breakfast…

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Huevos Rancheros

For some people a hard boiled egg and a piece of toast is a quick breakfast. For me, it’s Huevos Rancheros.  Why? Because I always have leftover Mexican on hand.  While I write this post  I LITERALLY have no energy to make food (just got my butt kicked at the gym) and I am  salivating…

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Dinner to beat the summer heat

Ah. Long summer nights. Beautiful and HOT! Especially without air conditioning  (which my new condo lacks). While getting zero relief from the heat, all I can do is become a blob on the couch (or cold floor) until the sun goes down. There’s no surprise that most city goers lack energy to cook dinner and,…

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Pico de Gallo

Delicious and easy to make. This Pico de Gallo can stay in your fridge as toppings throughout the week. Directions: Dice tomato into very small cubes and place into a medium bowl. Finely dice onion and cilantro and add to tomato.  Squeeze the juice of 2 limes into the mixture. With a microplane, grate 1-2 cloves of garlic…

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