Dinner to beat the summer heat

Ah. Long summer nights. Beautiful and HOT! Especially without air conditioning  (which my new condo lacks).

While getting zero relief from the heat, all I can do is become a blob on the couch (or cold floor) until the sun goes down.

There’s no surprise that most city goers lack energy to cook dinner and, instead, search for solitude on the local restaurant patios with a ice cold beer or glass of chardonnay. I know I’m guilty of it.

However, tonight I decided to create a dish that is light, refreshing and will help the summer blob blues.

Fresh Halibut, with a jalapeno corn sauce and mango salsa.  If that sounds delicious, then click here to get the recipe.

The prep work can be done well in advance and stored in the fridge for up to a week (i.e. the salsa and jalapeno corn sauce). No guarantees that’ll it will last long after you taste it.   The sauce gives a slight kick while the mango salsa cools your palette down.  It’s a perfect balance on a long, hot summer night.

Bon Appetite!

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