Happy 150th Birthday Canada

Canada turned 150 yesterday and to avoid the crowds, I decided to host a Canada Day party.

Living in the city has it’s perks but you usually end up sacrificing the size of your kitchen and outdoor space.  Lucky for me, my pad has a great 300 sq foot patio and my kitchen is top notch!  My other perk – the building has a rooftop with 360 views; perfect to watch the fireworks.

I decided to keep it simple with a BBQ and some quick and easy appetizers (don’t worry, I’ll be sharing).   That way,  I can spend the rest of the day enjoying the company of friends in the sunshine over cooking in the kitchen.

For casual summer parties over 6 people, don’t be afraid to keep it simple; everybody loves a BBQ.   For my friends, I offered to cook up some hot dogs and provide the snacks and sides.  I also offered guests to BYOM (bring your own meat) in case steak was more their appetite. Always stick to one item of protein if you are hosting a lot of people. You don’t have to empty your wallet to have EVERY option of meat for your guests. You are not a restaurant, remember.


Many itesms can be prepped well in advance to allow you more time to just enjoy yourself.  Here are some quick and easy appetizers I made for Canada’s big birthday.  Click on the links below for the recipes



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