Three Easy Grab n’ Go Recipes for the Busy Person

I have some great recipes to share for those on-the-go and I’m sharing them right now!

You’re the person who says, “I don’t have time to eat breakfast” or “I didn’t have time to make a lunch today.” You tend to crash mid-day and settle for some quick fast food or a chocolate bar to keep you going… which just makes you feel worse.

It’s a vicious cycle that even I have been guilty of. The recipes below are easy to make in advance for a quick grab on those days you “just don’t have time.”

Breakfast Burritos

Make them, freeze them for up to 2 months and microwave when you’re ready to eat. This recipe is a quick eat before or after you run out of the house in the morning

Energy Balls

These little balls pack a punch of flavor that will satisfy your stomach and your taste buds.  Make them a variety of different ways to your own taste and take one as the perfect snack in between meals.

Southwestern Salad in a Jar

Spending $20 every lunch was the reason I decided to start packing lunch to go.  This salad in a jar just needs a quick shake and a fork to be devoured at lunch. Best yet, make a few in advance as they will last 4-6 days!

There you have it! Whether it be busy with kids, busy with a career, or busy with life in general, these recipes should be able to help you in those days you just don’t have time!

Enjoy xo