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Simple Focaccia

Is there anything better than warm focaccia? Rich olive oil, with chucks of salt and the subtle hint of rosemary makes this recipe a fan favorite. Eat the bread fresh from the oven with some olive oil and balsamic or use for your next turkey sandwich, panini, or grilled cheese.  Check out our basic cranberry…

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Théasty New York-Style Bagels

Texan and ours first date was in New York City and since then, it’s held a special place in my heart (we got engaged there too!). I thought I would share one of my new favorite things to make that reminds me of the big apple. BAGELS! The New York Bagel is my preferred style…

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Pillow Soft Pretzels

Growing up in Europe had many advantages. Like experiencing wine festivals through the end of summer and into the fall.  Winter markets full of crafts and mulled wine.  And grabbing daily bread and pastries early in the morning while still warm and ready to be devoured with your favorite cheese. And while living in Germany,…

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Brioche Buns

 There is something about making your own bread that makes just makes you want to eat it all with no slice left to survive the tale. The smell of yeast while it sits bubbling. The aroma of warm, fresh, fluffy carbs just waiting to get your hands on it after it cools ever so slightly…

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Cheddar & Onion Cornbread

I have tried dozens of times to make cornbread… A recipe so good, I would want to make it over and over again until I couldn’t eat cornbread anymore.  One that doesn’t fall apart and has the right amount of sweetness. I have failed at EVERY attempt, until now… After all, I need something to…

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Death by Chocolate Banana Muffins

chocolate banana muffins

  Childhood food memory = chocolate banana muffins.  My parents were uber-strict on not allowing my brothers and me to eat processed foods.  That meant I was the kid at school who had nothing to trade at lunch time.  No kid wants to trade fruit snacks for a real piece of fruit!  However, over the…

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Lazy Artisan Bread

Bread. Gosh, I LOVE bread.  Warm bread with melted butter… need I say more?  Artisan bread always fascinated me; the décor, the floured surface, the big loafs just waiting to be cut into.  Is there such a thing as lazy artisan bread? I never imagined.  Why? It all looks so complicated… So, I went searching…

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Basic Pizza Dough

  Pizza Dough is a great recipe to always have on hand. It’s simple and can be used in many ways. The dough can be doubled for parties with different toppings, it’s a simple way to feed your guests and leave them both impressed and with full bellies.   Directions: Add yeast and sugar to…

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