Rosé Sorbé

Frosé is such a dream to have.  But (honestly) to make it right, it takes a lot of steps.  When I want something fresh and delicious on a hot day, I decided to create a Rosé Sorbé.  Fresh citrus lime sorbet with Rosé and fresh tyme. Can you say YUM!

Check out the very simple recipe below:








Serves: 4

Lime Sorbet                                 1 litre

Rosé                                           1 Bottle  (unless you are like me and need more than one)

Fresh Tyme                                  2 Springs (for garnish)



Add one scoop of lime sorbet to a glass ( I use a champagne glass but you can do a regular cocktail or wine glass as well).  Fill with Rosé and garnish with a bit of fresh tyme. Enjoy!



Play around with the sorbet flavors to mix things up. If you are hosting a party, have more than one flavour.  Change the herb toppings up from fresh lavender, cilantro, or basil. The fun is mixing it up and playing with flavor.



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