Chicken Tortilla Soup

No one can beat my Chicken Tortilla Soup. It’s certainly a fan favorite with my friends and family.  This soup can be eaten at any time of year.

The fresh bold ingredients, make it a perfect summer appetizer; while the heat and spice will warm you up on the cold winter days.


Say goodbye to the dull taste of chicken noodle when you have a cold, and say hello to the new kid in town: Chicken Tortilla Soup.

You can make this recipe vegetarian or vegan (check out the notes below for more details).

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Chicken Tortilla Soup



Cheddar Cheese

Sour Cream

Green Onion

Red Onion

Tortilla Chips




Heat a large pot on med/high heat with vegetable oil; add red and sweet onions, minced jalapenos and Serrano until onion is translucent in color. Add minced garlic, all the spices and salt. Mix well and allow the spices to cook for 2-5 minutes.

Add lime juice and Add 1 1/2 cartons of chicken broth and bring to a boil.  Once broth is boiling  add the cleaned chicken breast * there should be enough broth to cover the chicken breasts. If there is not enough broth add more broth to cover the chicken breast or water. Cook the chicken in the broth until the chicken is fully cooked and pulls apart (about 20 minutes). Take chicken breasts out and pull apart with a fork. Once pulled, add back in broth with the black beans, corn and tomato paste.

Season additionally to taste (important) and allow to cook. Once you have it to your liking, top the soup with sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, tortilla chips, red and green onion, cilantro and avocado.

The best part of this soup is it taste good with or without the toppings.  Even through it’s called Tortilla Soup, sometimes I don’t put them in.   It’s all up to you but i’ll bet it beats out a Chicken Noodle Soup any day!

Note: If you would like to make vegetarian, omit the chicken and exchange the chicken broth with vegetable. Vegan, change the cheese and sour cream to a vegan option.

Hope you enjoy xo