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Best Dang Black Bean Veggie Burger

  Ready for the best dang black bean burger?  Then continue reading: Lets just say, this black bean burger is jam packed full of flavor. When I first made this recipe a couple years ago it was a little out of sorts. The recipe was too complicated and called for too many ingredients.. Since I’m…

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Let’s talk Vegetarian

Ok guys! I’m with most of you. There is nothing better than a good steak, BBQ chicken or (lets face it) a good ol’ fashion hot dog.   I love meat. Braised short ribs, Bolognese, BURGERS!…ahhh the list goes on. BUT……(yes there is a but) Just recently I went to visit my girlfriend, Jaimee. I was…

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Skip the Meat

I’ve been packing on a few extra pounds.. the wine, the food, the… uh, lack of exercise has got me thinking I need a bit of a detox.  By detox, I mean making extra delicious food that is healthy and cutting back on the booze until my next trip (which is in 7 days).  So, I…

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