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Stuffing Waffle Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving is just about here turkey and most of us are gratefully stuck with a pile of leftovers. And every year, I get asked about this stuffing waffle recipe; so much so that I’ve decided to share it again for all you hungry leftover eaters. Stuffing waffles can be used for a delicious brunch with…

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4 Fun Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes

Ahh. Good ol’ Thanksgiving leftovers. We love them and then we hate them. Why? There is soooo much left. How many turkey sandwiches can one person eat?!  Plus there are other parts of Thanksgiving dinner:  Cranberry sauce, Stuffing, almost empty bottles of wine, the list goes on and on and on.  Below I am offering…

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Spicy Peanut Buddha Bowl

So hot right now….  And for good reason. They’re packed with protein, can be used with virtually anything left in the fridge and it keeps you full with leftovers #yum.  I took some inspo from my gal pal  Jaimee since we are on the vegetarian band wagon. Check out this recipe: Directions: For the Rice On medium…

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