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Street Corn Chicken Enchiladas

In a strange reversal of fortune, my busy life this year has made it more difficult than ever to find time for friends and family on the weekend.  So I decided to spend more time during the week with those I care about most by inviting some of my favorite people over on weekdays to…

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Peaches n’ Cream Pasta with Creamy Burrata and Prosciutto

Pasta is my go-to any time of the year. It’s really a blank canvas for whatever is in season. Since we are in our final weeks of summer, I’ve brought one of my favorites (pasta) with one of the most diverse in seasons fruits: peaches. Of course, you don’t want to weigh a bright peach…

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Sweet Chili Corn Soup

Corn is one of my all time favorite ingredients.  It tastes delightful on its own or it can be made into a number of sweet or savory dishes. During the summer months,  I eat corn weekly (typically on the cob, slathered in butter) and this year I’ve been trying out a number of different recipes…

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Mexican Street Corn

My All time favorite snack.  Give me a plate of these, and I’m a happy girl!  This fun treat is perfect as a starter or a contribution to a party.   Its inexpensive, quick and very easy to make.     Directions: On a medium pan lined with tinfoil, place shucked corn in the oven at…

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