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Easy Thanksgiving Sides with a Twist    

Can you feel it in the air?  I certainly can and I could not be more excited. The changing leaves of autumn. Cozy sweaters. Family, friends, and food…what could be better? To me the autumn leaves and cooler temperatures mark the beginning of the holiday season, and that means its time to plan for celebration.…

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Black Pumpkin Ravioli | Brown Butter Sage Sauce

Not going to lie, I’m not huge on Halloween. I don’t put up cob webs or skeletons; I don’t hang ghosts in the windows.  Growing up, Halloween parties just weren’t my thing. Perhaps it was too much effort to dress up or perhaps I didn’t want to freeze in a costume parading downtown nightclubs. My…

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Spiced Apple & Pumpkin Soup

Here in Vancouver, the crisp air has come to make our noses red while not yet being cold enough to keep us indoors.  I must say, our autumn so far has been picturesque. The maple trees are bright and full of red, yellow and green. The streets snow of leafs and evening comes way too…

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