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Théasty Beef Ramen

Ramen: a dish I never experienced until a few years ago, when a local restaurant had a feature on the menu for it.  It was cold outside and I craved something hearty with a hint of spice.   I ate that ramen e v e r y d a y for two weeks and craved it…

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Braised Short Rib Ragu

This ragu is on f i r e! Slow braised short rib ragu. What is better than short rib really?! This one pot of goodness is almost too easy to justify how delicious it is. You can use an instapot, pressure cooker or be old school like me and allow the aromas of red wine,…

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Pink Cacio e Pepe

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I wanted to make a dish that would be easy to make but has the essence of Valentine’s.  Texan and I have a lot of expenses coming up so we decided that staying in and making something special at home is the best way to celebrate this year. The…

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