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Green Vegetable Soup

Happy New Year! With January here and 2019 full of exciting events (ahem… a wedding), I am jumping on the health wagon to get myself back on track. I’m a firm believer in balance but the holiday season had us living large in food coma lane so a clean diet is just what we need in January.…

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Asparagus and Pea Soup

While touring Mexico, many restaurants would serve hot soup while the temperature climbed outside. Sweating, I give it a shot and was overwhelmed by the flavors. I was baffled that a soup could taste that good. Since then, I’ve made soup a staple around the household. Concentrating on big flavors in a tiny bowl.  It’s…

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Hot soup in the Summer? Why Not?!

While travelling (and eating) in Mexico,  I noticed many restaurants serve hot soup as the temperature climbed outside. Sweating, I tried a cream of poblano soup and, thereafter, ate it before every lunch while there. I was HOOKED. I still haven’t mastered making the poblano soup, but have since made soups a staple at my…

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