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Pan Fried Pumpkin Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Pancetta and Brown Butter

I’m starting off by saying, I ate pasta 5 times last week and have no intentions of quitting; After all, it’s clearly my top comfort food year round.  With the cool weather coming, I’ve been warming myself up with copious amounts of doughy goodness. Stuffed with cheese, topped with cheese, and generous amounts of butter.…

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Jalapeno Corn Gnocchi with Crispy Panchetta

  Doesn’t that look delicious?!  Colourful, flavorful and a perfect fusion of my two favorite cuisines: Mexican and Italian. What a weird combo right?  One of the more frequent questions asked whenever I do an interview: “What is your favorite type of cuisine to cook?”  My answer always sounds strange as I reply, “Mexican and…

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