Explore White Rock

It was (and still has been) rainy in Vancouver every. damn. day.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d choose rain and mild temps any day over snow but staying inside and not seeing the light of day can get you a little run down.  So, when my friends at Roam asked me to work with them and Explore White Rock  to showcase what White Rock had to offer during the winter, I took the opportunity.  Texan was out of town so we had a friend swing in as my fill-in boyfriend and prepared for a full day of activities.

I hardly knew White Rock other than when visiting the occasional client.   Even still, I’d never been downtown or seen the charm of the waterfront stores, cafes and restaurants that welcome people to outdoor dining under heat lamps and a million dollar view.

I was shocked at how many things there were to do even during the winter.  From a walk on the pier to a games cafe (that’s right, you can have a beer and play virtually any board game that exists) there was plenty to do.  We found amazing live jazz at a wine bar, discovered delicious Margaritas at a fabulous Mexican restaurant I’m determined to visit again soon, and enjoyed intimate concerts at the most charming theater.  White Rock possesses an abundance of fun, unique places that will turn any doubter into a lover.

Check out the below video staying all day in White Rock:


Some Spots We Went

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Ulis Restaruant


Our first stop was to get some brunch at Uli’s where we were told not only do they serve up some of the best burgers, they also offer some pretty delicious brunch items.  It was pouring rain, so we opted for the covered patio. I love how people here aren’t shy to eat outside in the winter.  The entire patio nearly at capacity when we sat down; and for obvious reason: the view. The place has a rustic charm which also beautifully shows on the plate.  As for the food itself, we had the Classic eggs Benedict with Canadian Bacon and a Crab Cake Benedict with fresh crab cakes, creamed corn and chipotle yogurt. Can you say YUM!


The Mason Jar Home Décor & Gift Store


This store was beyond adorable.  It was like walking right into an Instagram photo.  There was so much to look at that I could have spent half the day there alone  (and would have also left with a lighter wallet). From  jewelry and candles to giant knit blankets and “Boss Babe” sweaters, the owners have stolen my heart and the heart of locals with their smart, quality products.  I won’t visit White Rock again without stopping into The Mason Jar.


Tabletop Crepes & Games


Crepes, booze and board games.  What else could you want? All the walls are bookshelves containing any board game you can imagine. From Cards Against Humanity to Monopoly, you can not get “board” (get it) at Tabletop Crepes and Games.  If it’s a rainy day, invite your friends to a match while sipping on some wine or a latte. You are bound to have a good time.


The Wafflers


This place straight up has the best waffles. They are delicious and elaborate. The people who work here certainly take pride in making their waffles, not only taste good, but look good too. I had the “Tooty Fruity” which consists of freshly made waffles, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, real whipped cream and (wait for it) a scoop of ice cream.  Talk about waffle heaven.


Primo Mexican Grill


This place was THE BOMB ( Is that a word any more? Maybe i’ll just say Flavor Bomb!). It has an amazing atmosphere, ever better Margaritas (the Jalapeno Margarita was my favorite) and delicious Mexican food.   I wasn’t able to stay long but I am determined to go back just for this one restaurant alone!  I, really enjoyed eating at the bar and people watching. The owners were incredibly friendly and engaged, the food is has an authentic Mexican feel and the drinks just kept coming with no hesitation on my side. Just before leaving, the owners even asked if I would come back and share some recipes. #win


Bin 101 Wine & Tapas Bar


My Favorite things in the whole wide world are wine, food and jazz.  And if that’s something you love too then this place will have you singing with jazzy joy.   I am often boggled why there are not many jazz clubs in the city and was pleasantly surprised to find that White Rock had a hopping jazz bar. Stocked with over 100 different wines, and you are equipped with a fabulous evening. The grand piano in the middle of the room makes you feel as though you’re back in 1940. It’s a dream.


3 Dogs Brewing


This International and domestic award-winning brewery is not your average place by any means. By the time we arrived, there were no more tables left and only a couple of chairs at the bar.  They offer up to 11 rotating beers and ciders including an assortment of new in-house brews, guest taps and seasonals. And get this: 3 Dogs Brewing is only a year old! Here’s another trend for White Rock, another place packed with board games. Which is exactly what everyone was doing. Hungry? No worries, they also have snacks while you sip one new or favorite beers.


Oceanside Yacht Club & Public House


After spending time walking the pier in the rain  (and let me tell you, pouring rain does not stop anything around here! The pier was PACKED full of people) we ran across the street to the Oceanside Yacht Club & Public House to warm up and have a bite.  I loved this place for a number of reasons.  For starters, Chef and winner of Top Chef Canada, Matthew Stowe, created the menu.  Secondly, they have an outdoor patio surrounded by heaters and an indoor fireplace perfect for warming yourself up after time in the cold.  Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup to the rescue here!


Blue Frog Studios


To end the day, we watched a Patsy Cline tribute band at Blue Frog Studios. Luckily we had front row seats at this sold-out concert.  Blue Frog Studios was originally a large commercial recording studio that would accommodate an 80-piece orchestra. Then, in 2010, they held an experimental concert with Grammy Award winning artist Dan Hill and sold out.  Since then, they have been hosting concerts with great success. The venue provides for an intimate experience with all your favorite artists.


So, there you have it. My day in White Rock in the pouring rain was a huge success.  It goes to show that White Rock is not only a place of fun in the summer but a desirable destination in the winter.

Check it out and I’m sure it’ll surprise you, too!