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Potato Goat Cheese Agnolotti | Lemon Brown Butter Sauce

Oh Dang! Guys, so first of all: my computer was having technical issues so I haven’t been able to post ( I finished a post via my cellphone yesterday which was awful).  As an update: my media life has been put on hold and my office life has been me on my couch working with…

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10 Kitchen Must Haves Under $100

We all have our staples in the kitchen with some more common than others. Every item is different based on what is commonly cooked by the ‘chef’ (which is why it’s so darn hard to cook in someone else’s kitchen). For many, it’s just about the basics as they start out on their culinary journey.…

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Huevos Breakfast Pizza

Ahh, New Year’s Eve! For all of my thirty-something years, I have broken NYE down to two experiences: Completely overrated or a complete blast. I will say: last year was one of my favorite New Year’s Eves. Beside the fact that I managed to stay up past midnight, our friends had an engagement party at…

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